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Are you looking for Laminating machinery or nonwovens, then you've come to the right place. We provide our customers with products and services with added value. (like flatbed laminators)


Laminating of nonwovens

As a lot of nonwoven are used for laminating against other material, Joint International has become supplier of knowledge and specific products for lamination. Laminating is connecting two or more layers of material together. The material involved as well as the process of connecting them are numerous and divers. Joint International focusses on laminating through Hotmelt substrates; powder, film or nonwovens, made out of thermoplastic synthetic material. These materials "glue" the layers together when they are made more or less fluent by melting them. Once sufficiently fluid, the components are pressed together with the Hot melt in between them. The laminate is then cooled down and the Hotmelt regains it's solid form, attaching the components. For this process laminating machines are used. The most common machines are calanders or flatbed laminators. Both type of machines exist in many different shapes and sizes.The thermoplastic adhesive can be applied by powdering it or by unrolling it as a textile or a film between the layers.

Our network consists of suppliers of raw materials used in thermoplastic laminating and of companies that can laminate your products for you. We represent manufacturers of thermoplastic powder (Abifor), siliconepaper or film for covering adhesive layers (Rossella), Scrims (gauze) that reinforce a lamination and flatbed laminators of Reliant Machinery.

Within the Joint-organization you'll find a compact team with a broad industrial - and commercial experience. There is specific know-how of non wovens, various treatments of non woven, laminating and printed films for decorating purposes. Go to Hotmelt products  if you want more information.

Reliant flatbed laminating machine

Joint International has the representation for Reliant laminating systems in the Netherlands. Reliant Machinery Ltd is a British manufacturer of innovative machines for laminating, coating, pressing and forming of different materials. They have more than 40 years experience in developing and manufacturing flat lamination machines. Nowadays there are more than 20,000 machines from England delivered worldwide. The Reliant technology is applicable in very different areas through the adjustments of the press and the possible accessories. Within the product range are both simple, handy machines available (for laboratories or small productions), but also very comprehensive and high technological production lines.

Reliant laminating presses are used to paste the most delicate fabrics, but also to compress and compile composite materials. The possibilities are very large. The machines have a modular construction and are therefore afterwards easy to expand with additional modules which easily increase the productivity. In addition Reliant has a wide range of on-and unwinding equipment, stackers and conveyors, which enabling you to put together the production line down to your requirements. Further information about Reliant Machinery Ltd can be found on:

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