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Joint International and his role as supplier and consultant with representations in the non-woven and laminating industry.

What does Joint International BV do?

1. Supplier

Save time, choose from more and better web fabrics.

Joint International is a supplier of non-wovens and laminating media for e.g. knitwear, foam, leather and composites. Because there are many different types of nonwovens and many more different applications, it is often very difficult to choose the right supplier. Each technology has its advantages and limitations. Joint International has over twenty years of experience in the sale of non-wovens and has no obligation to a factory or a brand. Because of the insight in the manufacturing side of the market, we are very well equipped to determine which product, specification or supplier is the best solution to the needs of the customer.

Our customers are looking for a material with specific properties. Because of the multitude of non-wovens and providers, it is difficult to determine which product or provider offers the optimal solution. Our knowledge of the market can make the choice of a product a lot faster and better. Our customers use a non-woven as a disposable finished product or as a part of a more complex product. In that case, also the processing and integration of the material on, eg. foam, plastic or textile is an important element in the selection.Due to this independence and know-how, we will propose a product that meets your demand. People who work with Joint International as an intermediary, found out that they saved time, found better products and avoided misinformation. Our extensive network of manufacturers will help potential customers of nonwovens to find or develop the right product.

2. Advisor (Consultant)

Besides the products that we can provide, our firm is regularly involved as an advisor in product developments. This may involve replacing existing materials or to find a suitable non-woven fabric or a laminating process for completely new products.

3. Representation

We work on a perfect connection (Joint).

With regard to laminating we represent producers of thermoplastic non-wovens, Scrims (gauze), films, Hotmelt powder and silicon paper. Hotmelt laminating is a very efficient way to connect Nonwovens, tissues and foam with each other or with another material. Machines and material have made great progress in the last ten years and a lot more materials can be laminated than before. We offer laminating products and advice about the methods and machines of lamination. Our partners help to test the materials in advance in order to set the parameters for the most efficient way to make the end product. We always accept the challenge to find you a better product. To see if we can help, just call or mail us.

4. Niche products

Joint International is active in several markets, products and solutions. This way we have up-to-date knowledge of raw materials and the customers who are operating in these areas. Through both Nonwovens and Laminating products, Joint International has contacts in different industries.

examples are:

  • medical
  • automotive
  • diapers
  • bedding
  • cleaning
  • footwear
  • clothing
  • interior decoration
  • carpetting
  • agriculture
  • filtration
  • isolation

These products can be own developments or new products from our partners in the market, like:

  • Knitted microfiber cloth made from ultra-longlasting fiber material. This fabric is used in industrial (mechanical)cleaning.
  • Polyamide spunbonded non woven. This product has the same heat resistance as Polyester spunbond, but has a much softer handle which makes it suitable for disposable clothing.
  • Bio degradable nonwoven; both spunbonded and chemically bonded.
  • Flame retardant spunbonded and spunlaced non wovens.
  • Floor covering material made from needled fibers with both anti-slip and waterproof surface.

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