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Non wovens, laminating materials and technical woven fabrics

As an independent consultant and provider is Joint international the perfect partner for Non wovens, laminating media and technical woven fabrics. We maintain contact with most every manufacturer in Europe and provide our customers the best possible product directly from the factory.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of coating and lamination by working closely with a number of laminating companies.

We also represent suppliers of thermoplastic adhesive webs and powders, which are used in the lamination of textiles, foam and composite materials. We use our knowledge and contacts to guide companies that want to process non-woven products to the right choice.

1. Non wovens (a.o. PLA )

Non wovens fabric is a web which is made from natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic fibers. These fibers are connected with each other, so that there is a strong web formed, having the desired properties. No yarn is used, which is a major cost saving compared to a knitted or a woven tissue.

These products are used in many different applications. Major applications include among other: sanitary napkins and diapers, mops, cleaning cloths, disposable surgical drapes, filtration, isolation materials, etc. Often invisible, they have become an important part of many end products.

We offer the following fabrics:

  • Airlaid
  • PLA nonwoven
  • Chemically bonded
  • Spunlaced in various fiber mixtures
  • Spunbond (PP and PES)
  • Meltblown
  • Needle punched
  • Thermally bonded PP, PA of PES

2. Laminating materials

Lamination is joining two or more layers together using various different techniques and adhesion systems. Different or similar materials can be joined together to obtain a product with favorable material characteristics. Hotmelt lamination is a technique of joining together multiple layers with a flatbed lamination press through a thermoplastical medium.

Joint International focuses on lamination with Hotmelt powders, films and nonwoven made of thermoplastical synthetics.

We offer the following laminating products:

3. Technical woven fabrics

Technical woven fabrics is a short name for a very large area of fabrics and applications. In fact, the textile has properties or resistances higher than an ordinary knitted or woven fabric. Joint International has extensive contacts and expertise in the field of nonwovens and lamination. Therefore we can assist you in finding or creating the right product.

Examples of technical textiles:

  • Flame retardant textiles
  • Bio degradable fabrics
  • Made-to-measure knitted and laminated fabrics

Don't hesitate to approach us with your questions, even if the exact product you're looking for is not mentioned.

For further information you may contact ☎ + 31 6 41 20 20 30 or you can send an e-mail to  Joint International BV   info@jointint.com

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