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Use Hot-melt adhesive to laminate, because it is a dry, clean and efficient process!

Hot-melt Lamination

Laminating is a connection technique to join (laminate) multiple layers of similar or different materials. It's commonly used to add advantageous material properties to a product. With hot-melt (dry) laminating the layers will be warmed up with the hotmelt adhesive between the layers. As the hotmelt becomes more or less fluid the layers are pressed together and cooled off. This process takes place on a calander or flatbed press. Therefor it allows bonding of a much wider scope of materials such as fleece, films, leathers, plush fabrics and materials of low temperature resistance.

Hot-melt lamination is done through a thermoplastic adhesive that can be as roll-goods such as film or web, powder or substances that are warmed up themselves and applied on the cold layers. This way of lamination is a particularly dry, clean and efficient process.

Producer Abifor

Abifor is a Swiss producer of Thermoplastic adhesive ( Hot-melt ). These thermoplastic adhesives are widely used for technical laminates to bond many different substrates, e.g. nonwovens, textile products, foams, and fibres. Thermoplastic adhesive materials can be used in many different areas: such as the automotive industry, building construction sector, leather, cosmetic and textile industry. Products are in Co-Polyamides (CoPA), Co-Polyesters (CoPES), HD- and LD- Polyethylenes( HDPE and LDPE), Ethylene-Vinylacetate (EVA), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Abifor offers also very innovative products in the area of Flame-Retardancy (FR) and bio-degradability. We represent manufacturer Abifor in the Netherlands, for more information about this company go to

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